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Triarco® Practices for Sustainability

Triarco® is dedicated to supporting the art community both locally and nationally through contest sponsorship. We encourage employee participation in local civic organizations like Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, and Optimists.

Raw material used to produce our products is repurposed into new products when possible. Leftover materials are sold to recyclers. Paper, plastic, and packaging materials are reused to keep costs in check and reduce waste.

Our Triarco® employees are encouraged to practice good recycling habits both at our local Plymouth, MN office location as well as in their homes.

How can you - our customer - help us? Please help us reduce duplicate unnecessary mailings by letting us know if you are receiving multiple printed copies of our Arts & Crafts catalog that cannot be put to good use or shared with others at your location. Our mailer tries to remove duplications based on name, and other address criteria.

If you have asked us not to send catalogs, but you still receive one, you may be on other mailing lists. We periodically rent and exchange names with a few other companies that offer similar products and services. We try hard not to send anybody a catalog unnecessarily, and we seek your help in avoiding duplicate accounts and unnecessary mailings. The best method to let us know is to clip out the address portion on the catalog you do not need to receive and mail it to our office at 9900 13th Ave. N., Suite 1015, Plymouth, MN 55441-5035.

We try hard not to mail unnecessarily to current and prospective customers who do not want to receive catalogs. Unsolicited and unwanted catalogs are very costly to us. We really appreciate your help in avoiding unwanted mailings.

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