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Lesson Plans
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Triarco Chroma Sculpey Duncan-iLoveToCreate Sakura Sargent Art
AMACO Prang Smart-Fab Mayco Tulip Duck Tape
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words — Drawing Instructions
‘Selfies’ the old fashioned way — Face Drawing Instructions
Islamic Geometric Patterns
Clay Turtle Whistle with Spectrum Glazes
Chuck Close Inspired Painting
" Art" Hand Drawing Instructions
Pet Portrait Techno Project
Rainforest River Village Project   -   Handouts only
"Are You Listening?" Ear Drawing Instructions
Basic Monotype with Akua Inks
"Talk to the Clay Hand" with Duncan Artisan Glazes
Hickethier — The Reinvented Color Wheel System by Art Teachers!
Hickethier Color Mixing System
Royal Brush® Squeeze & Flow Tie-Dye
Yasutomo® Marbling with Niji Splash Ink
What’s Your Taste in Art?
ART. It’s in the air... Smell it!
Keep Your Eye on the Arts
Smart-Fab®/Duck Tape® Woven Bag
Create Your Own Space Ship with Cloud Clay
Creating 3-D Texture by Folding Paper
Beginner’s Print Making with Balsa-Foam
Pattern Your World
Advanced Print Making with Balsa-Foam
The Terra Cotta Army of Scholars
The Giant Saguaro Cactus
The Seven Lucky Gods of Japan
Clay Chinese Dragon
Hot Hot Hats
Decorative Painting on Glassware
Ice Cream Cone Ornaments
Color Wheel
Fall Leaf Painting
Fine Motor Skills
Nurture Their Creativity
Paper Collage
Texture Paste Leaf
Inuit Totem Sculptures
Adire Eleko Canes
Tri City Scapes
Kente Cloth Pens
"Mendhi" Hand Medallions
Inca Mini Mask
Vincent Van Gogh Texture Tile
Star Students
Amazing Eraser Clay Creatures
Lesson Plans
Fantasia® Watercolor Rainbows & Water Properties
Drawing a Manga-Style Head

Inking to Enhance and Define a Manga Character

Drawing Environments

Sargent Art
An Illuminating Letter
Whimsical Fish
Image Transfer
Image Transfer and Printmaking
Textured Pottery Using Self-Hardening Clay
Gloss Decorating Colors: Majolica GDC's
Fused Glass Jewelry
Cloud Clay - Legged Creatures
Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Sculptamold Cat
Marbled Butterfly with Friendly Plastic
Balsa-Foam Butterfly
Butterfly Journal Cover with Balsa-Foam
Balsa-Foam African Masks
Advanced Print Making with Balsa-Foam
Beginner's Print Making with Balsa-Foam
Creating a Japanese Garden Lantern in Crea-Stone
Just Like Me
Bug Math
Map Magic
Tints and Shades Squares
Pictograph Pottery
Smart-Fab®/Duck Tape® Woven Bag
Mayco Projects - Get Inspired!
Video: How-To Tie Dye a Shirt Bullseye Technique
Video: How-To Tie Dye using Tulip One-Step Spray Dye
Video: Quick & Easy Neon Fabric Spray Shirt
Video: How-To Reverse Stencil with Tulip Fabric Spray Paints
Duck Tape
Wallet Craft Kit
Wristlet Craft Kit
Purse Craft Kit
Electronic Case Craft Kit
Roses Craft Kit
Jewelry Case Craft Kit