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Shimpo Stainless Steel Pug Mill/NRA 045


Product Number: RZ15447


The remarkable extruding capability of this pug mill produces air-free clay and increases clay workability

Shimpo Aluminum Pug Mill/NRA 04


Product Number: RZ14127


The remarkable extruding capability of this pug mill produces air-free clay and increases clay workability

Debcor Model #9200 Drying Cabinet


Product Number: RZ14362


Designed for drying and storing your greenware or to store and protect other special pieces from damage

North Star Super Slab Roller Package with 4 ft. W Worktable


Product Number: RZ15429


Dual rolls evenly compress clay particles across the entire slab’s surface, reducing warping, curling, and cracking in finished pieces

Shimpo VL Whisper Potters Wheel


Product Number: RZ15080


The VL-Whisper features responsive, high torque at all speeds, two-piece splash pan, 14 wheelhead, workspace, pedal control, and 100-lb

Brent Model ie reverse Pottery Wheel


Product Number: RZ14956


Ideal for beginners

Shimpo Slab Roller


Product Number: RZ15446


Heavy-duty slab roller can produce up to a 3 thick slab

The Big Boss Potters Wheel


Product Number: RZ15110


More powerful 1.0 hp peak rated industrial motor!

Shimpo VL Lite Potters Wheel


Product Number: RZ14996


A belt-driven lightweight wheel, the VL-Lite is easily moveable yet sturdy enough to throw on

Speedball Clay Boss Potters Wheel


Product Number: RZ14486


The 1/2 horsepower industrial motor, 100-lb

AMACO LeadFree LowFire Crystaltex Glaze Classroom Pack


Product Number: RA11843

IN STOCK : Ships within 1-2 business days

Pack includes: seven Crystaltex glazes (CTL-11 snow fire, CTL-12 Mardi Gras, CTL-22 Milky Way, CTL-54 firecracker, CTL-10 peppermint ice, CTL-35 nutmeg, and CTL-41 melon), 21 gloss glazes (F-22 royal blue, F-25 turquoise, F-40 chrome green, F-52 burgundy, F-55 pink, F-57 coral, F-58 red, F-23 vivid blue, LG-23 robin’s egg, LG-42 light green, LG-51 lilac, LG-55 purple, LG-58 brilliant red, LG-59 hot red, LG-68 vivid orange, LG-1 true black, LG-10 clear, LG-11 opaque white, LG-21 dark blue, LG-24 light blue, and LG-50 maroon, four satin glazes (LM-21 sky blue, LM-244 blue green, LM-1 satin black, and LM-10 transparent matt), and four mottled glazes (A-24 exotic blue, A-28 peacock, LT-132 jewel brown, and O-52 fuchsia). Firing range from Cone 05 (1911° F) to Cone 06 (1855° F). Firing temperatures vary by color. All are dinnerware safe with the exception of nutmeg and blue. Made in the U.S.A.

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Artista Tabletop Potters Wheel


Product Number: RA12936

IN STOCK : Ships within 1-2 business days

Portable, professional, tabletop potter’s wheel is stable on any flat surface

AMACO Lead-Free Low-Fire Teachers Palette Gloss Glaze Set of 8 Gallons


Product Number: RA16424

IN STOCK : Ships within 1-2 business days

Introducing the first glaze series engineered for infinite palette mixability. These soft, non-flowing Cone 05 glazes are easy to apply and fire. They offer a full, rich, high-gloss finish while blending easily. The one-step glazes can also be layered by brushing or slip trailing on top of each other without bleeding, distortion, or glaze interaction that could lead to unintended results. Each glaze fires true to the color in the bottle. All colors intermixable for an infinite palette. Designed for artists of any age. Includes one each of black, white, blue, brown, green, red, yellow, and orange. Dinnerware safe, lead free, and nontoxic.

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16 in. Mini Might Tabletop Slab Roller


Product Number: RZ15455


Small, portable, and makes beautiful slabs every time

AMACO Giffin Grip


Product Number: RA20039

IN STOCK : Ships within 1-2 business days

Re-centering and holding tool for leather-hard or bisque ware

39217V, 39216T AMACO Secondary Education Ceramic Glaze Kit, Set of 24 Pints


Product Number: RA13422

IN STOCK : Ships within 1-2 business days

To save you time, AMACO® has created supply kit with glazes in various configurations, making it easy to find what you need and reorder when you are ready

Ceramic Tile Wall Mural Classroom Pack with Lesson Plans


Product Number: 1481115

IN STOCK : Ships within 1-2 business days

Students can design and produce a ceramic tile wall mural for permanent installation in the school, learning the various art techniques necessary to create this project

brent Workstation Table Set


Product Number: RZ14829


These two individually adjustable tables attach to the wheel legs with supports and knobs

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